India made the history and it placed 3rd postion in the World....

We score 1,36,656 in 24 Hours Double Dutch Speed, World Record. The countdown started from 3rd of July at 14:00 hours Belgian time. At 15:00 hours we started to Jump till the next day. After 1 hour and 41 minutes India reaches 19000 Jumps closely followed by Austria.

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, USA, Singapore, Sweden Jumped 24 hours Double Dutch Speed. All countries were connected by webcams. At the livestream broadcasted all live interviews with the participating countries as well follow live all the speed records. The Jumps from the participating countries were counted together to had one mind blowing World Record.
After 24 hours of Jumping the scores are :-

Belgium - 1,79,388
Singapore - 1,48,742
India - 1,36,656
Austria - 1,35,411
Sweden - 92,464
Hong Kong - 74,191
USA - 70,715
Brazil - 4,445

Total Right Foot Jumps - 8,42,012

Total Jumps Both Feets - 16,84,024

20 Jumpers form all over the India Participated to made the History... some of the players viz Utkarsh, Heena, Soni, Hinshu & Komal from U.P. , Rajdeep Singh, Praveen Sharma, Pooja & Sweta from Chhattisgarh, Laxman & Soni from Jharkhand, Amruta & Kavya from Karnartak, Pruthvil from Gujrat. Jumped 24 hours to beat the record.

Thankyou to everybody who made this happening...!!